"A contemporary look with clean, uncluttered lines."

- Real Homes Magazine



415m2 Detached semi-rural dwelling.

This project involved an extensive remodel of 1960s timber frame house.  The original house was sited at the top of a steep, wooded slope and, as such, presented many problems for the present owners. The owners suffered greatly in terms of general usability of the house and were hampered by limited access to outside space.  The owners had lived with their growing family in the house for nearly twenty year but the owners grew exhausted of the day-to-day problems the house presented them.

The site held many challenges, most notably how best to connect the inside volumes with outside space. The proposed works assumed an understated, broken-massed elevation to the street frontage engineered around the necessity for outside platforms which absorbed the views onto the mature-treed setting. To the rear, the new works extend into the garden, establishing oblique views across the plot which did not exist before. The kitchen space extends yet further with a high level, rear balcony reaching into the canopy of the surrounding trees. The architecture is calm and set back, subservient to the sounding woodland plot. This house has become a retreat, a place to relax and unwind, allowing you to forget the efforts of the day.