How we work with you

Every project begins around the design table, where ideas and concepts are discussed and pinned down between ourselves and the client. Throughout the process, we listen closely to the client's requirements, whilst developing and focusing the scheme towards an end design.  We believe homes are most successful when the client and architect collaborate their thoughts, creating a well-balanced scheme merging both the client's needs and excellent design.


How the process works

Once the concept scheme has been approved by the client and we are satisfied the design meets the client's requirements, budget and time-frame, we submit for planning permission.  Obtaining permission requires a detailed knowledge of the planning process, experience and a a good reputation with the local planning departments. Across many years of hard work we have established this reputation with the local authorities for delivering high quality schemes which go beyond their requirements for permission.  Our detailed understanding of the planning process ensures none of your time or resources are spent developing a scheme which would not be suitable for planning approval.

Post planning stage, we revisit and over-view the complete design with fresh eyes and further ideas. This allows us to adjust and sharpen aspects of the scheme before commencing the detailed design and construction drawings. This is the stage when the outline scheme becomes a reality and where we dedicate considerable time drawing and detailing every aspect of the home ensuring we surpass both ours and the client's expectations.  Each element of the home is finely tuned through a detailed construction and design exercise helping us to recognise and implement the most effective build process, ensuring the project remains on budget and to the set time scale.  

Once the scheme is fully drafted and approved by the client, our well chosen construction team commence works on site.  To guarantee the very best craftsmanship, Architecturall employ only the very best site-staff. We do not sub-contract any of our building works to third-party contractors as we understand the importance and merit of keeping the complete build process within our remit. This ensures we retain the highest control over the quality and delivery of all our schemes.  

To understand more about the process, read our frequently asked questions section.