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- Sunday Times


520m2 minimalist town house - under construction.

The location for this project is on the outskirts of London, where buildings give way to green-belt. The setting is a typical English street-scene where two storey, pitched roof houses form the vernacular for the area.  Observing this marching arrangement of similarly-shaped houses, we felt it alien to insert a building that would not retain this pattern along the street.  As such, the house assumes the basic form of the adjacent homes, yet the elevation is striped away of all but the essentials, proposing the idea that this building does not conform like the rest.  Minimalist by nature, the house is uncompromisingly reduced to essential requirements, with only the placement of a deep-grey, stone portico offering a throw-back to the surrounding properties.  A series of pristine, pale amber anodised window frames reflect the passing daylight, giving the building a constantly changing appearance throughout the day.  Layered into the facade are a series of almost undetectable subtleties, yet when pulled together, the house holds an understated grandeur appropriate for the street. 

Inside the home, the interior is dedicated to a simple palette of materials and light.  On entering the home, an unexpected yet defining gesture of a formal, double-height space greats you. Striped of all but light and circulation, the volume acts as a constant reference point within the home, affording numerous combinations of circulation patterns. In contrast to most large properties, the home is broken down into semi-open plan spaces, occupying the volume with the feeling of intimacy, yet the large, rear glazed areas help retain the feeling of openness and lightness to the space.