280m2 detached rural dwelling - underconstruction.

The massing of this house , sited within the beautiful Kent Weald , holds a hidden element. To the street, the building appears nothing more than a mere agricultural shed, single storey in height and clad in larch.  To the rear however, an uncompromisingly contemporary, crescent glass wall shapes the building line. Standing from within the property, the wall acts as a constant 'plane of reference' onto the stunning rural views.  As a result of the curved plan, the main circulation pattern of the home naturally coincides along this glass plane as people seek the shortest route across the open plan space.  Simple in layout, the house contains sleeping compartments to each end and the main living to the centre. A brick fire place establishes the building's centre-point, creating a pinch point within the internal volume, allowing the formation of a contained outside space on this otherwise, open-plane landscape.  

Finished in natural larch, the building settles in the landscape to an almost undetectable level, concealed from view by foliage, however inside the house is designed to be as open as possible with views over the Kent Weald.  The project is presently on site and due for completion early summer 2017.