"A simple yet ingenious answer to the 21st-century, the Larch House is a beautiful glass and wood cube ."

 - Sunday Times

"An elegant, yet minimalist example of the archetypal timber box ."

 - Grand Designs


175m2 Detached rural dwelling.

The house, situated in the depths of rural Surrey, takes the form of two, naturally silvered, coinciding timber boxes, creating a simple, geometric footprint on the landscape. This new home has been constructed on the site of a derelict property. Remembering the footprint of the past, elements of the new dwelling reflect and retain aspects of the previous edifice - most notably the main circulation axis running through the building.  Orientated from from North to South, the circulation intersects with a new axis from East to West, mapping the sun's path.  Where the two axis coincide, a frameless glass atrium defines the space, allowing natural daylight to drop into the building's centre - a key requirement from the client.  Even though the plan evolves around these axis, the circulation pattern is subtle and the house presents an open-plan theme with large 'picture' windows from where you can watch and enjoy the surrounding heath land.

The projects language is about a simple, cubic geometry, where bedrooms and service spaces are contained within the lesser timber box and the open-plan volume of living and kitchen are within the larger.  The weathered, external larch cladding contrasts gently against the crisp, minimal interior which assumes an almost gallery like quality.