The more the client understands, the better the success of the scheme

When taking on a new build or large renovation project, it's paramount that the client has a complete understanding of the process.  We will always take time to explain each aspect or stage to be sure you not only understand but have piece of mind too. However, we are often asked general questions about how we work, so as a outline guide we have answered some of the questions below. 


How long does the complete process takes ?

From start to finish we normally recommend 6 months for the concept design and planning stages, then between 10 - 12 months on site, depending on the size and complexity of the project.  We have however in the past built medium sized homes within 6 months and as such we will always review each project individually to determine the exact time period. 

how much should I expect to pay ?

Costs clearly depend on a series of factors such as scale of the project, the level of specification and the type of property. We would normally discuss with clients their budgetary allowance should be between £1350 - £1950 per m2 for the build.  This included all construction drawings, external consultancy fees such as structural engineers, energy performance consultants, and building control.  If a Home Builders Warranty is required, such as NHBC or Zurich, then an additional fee typically around £3000 per build and will be requried.

At the beginning of each project we provide a free consultancy service to determine the feasibility of a site and it's viability for development, this normally entails 3 - 4 hours of our time studying and investigating the site plus a meeting to discuss design requirements and to overview build costs.

At the concept design and planning stage we introduce an hourly fee rate of £60 as it is not always possible to predict the time scale required. Typically, however, we understand that funds aren't limitless and cap the fee to ensure clients can relax with the knowledge the design stage costs are not spiraling and can concentrate on working with us to design their dream home.

What type of Contract do we normally use ?

In Contact terms, our company functions as a 'design and build' contractor. As such we use a well renowned Contracts company - The JCT. We concentrate primarily on the design and build contract DB 2011 and it's subsidiaries.  This contract is ideal for new build and large renovation projects as it allows freedom to deliver the right scheme. 

what are our typical size projects ?

Typically our projects range from 400m2 (4500 ft sq) upwards.  Having said this, we will undertake smaller projects where the level of architecture and build standards are expected to be high. Likewise we have the man power, resources and expertise to undertake projects up to and in excess of 10,000m2, should it be required.

which areas do you work in ?

We primarily concentrate our work to the South East of London, Kent, Surrey and Hampshire. Please however make contact for any new-build or large scale remodeling project as often we are interested with the architectural integrity and build quality of a scheme over location.

I have a preferred sub-contractor or interior designer I wish to use, can this be accommodated ?

Our preference is to remain with our own, well chosen construction team, however if you have a preferred sub-contractor in mind, then often we will accommodate this and sub contract the works.  With interior designers, we frequently work with client-chosen designers during the latter stages of the design and build process.

Can a review your previous work ?

Yes, often our previous clients are very welcoming and keen to show their properties to potentially new clients of ours.